With the end of the Corean war, during the Cuban revolution , a boy. . . painter was born in Germany. They called him JAM... a sweet-powerful-exotic French-German national, well educated in Switzerland, a skilled polyglot, who painted with 10 years "naive", then influenced by "impressionists" Monet-Modigliani-Matisse and by J.Miro, G.Richter, Jacques Monheim attracted by fine abstract modern contemporary arts, starts painting with the age of 63. His active life started in Polynesia, then in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mallorca Spain, France, Germany. Now residing and painting in ravishing Poland-EEC. JAM paints from his soul, inspired by feelings and powerful emotions, reflecting beauty, bright colors to share love of nature, of animals and space . JAM explodes on the canvas for you to live with his art ! Exhibiting at Piast-Wawel Castle of Polish Kings...



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